Ecom Services Ltd

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable our clients to lower their cost base and improve their service response times.

Our goal is to be the market leader in business process outsourcing for online dating, social networking and ecommerce companies.

How we Work

Our strategy is to immerse our team within our clients business to ensure a thorough understanding of both their business and customers. Combining a shared business goal with dedicated and experienced staff, we ensure that the client's€™ business needs are fulfilled and objectives are achieved.


At Ecom Services, we employ a passionate and dedicated team. Our experienced team provides high quality, timely back office support services to help companies increase their cost efficiencies and improved service. By allowing our clients more freedom to manage their core business, this ensures a better overall experience for their customers.

Why us?

  • Free trial before you commit
  • Flexible solutions to meet your needs
  • Commitment to your SLA requirements
  • 24/7 staff availability, 365 days a year
  • Reduce costs by up to 70%